A mix of numbered and bullet list is possible in bear

As far as I know due to common mark specs a list either has to be completely numbered or must consist of bullets. While playing around with deckset app I discovered that bear actually can display mixed list.

When you copy such a text …

… into bear, you will get that result:

Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-24 um 19.13.36

You would have to ask what other result. That fulfils my expectation.

But with a little fiddling you even can write such mixed lists in bear as you can see in the video:

Now the question: If bear can read, display and write such mixed lists, is there any reason not to make it easier for the user to write them? When I create a bullet after a number the number could be deleted automatically. I definitely would use such mixed lists.

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That is something we could do, but I don’t think it is very hard to write mixed lists as it is. Just press backspace before writing the bullet. Or use Cmd+L to change the list type.

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That indeed works. I believed the way I showed in the video is the only one and that it produces unwanted behaviour. For me my request is fully satisfied. I just ask myself how it was possible for me to find out that complicated method and to overlook the much easier one :laughing:

Thanks for the hint!