A tip: How to show tags in backlinks but not in tag tree

In apps like roam research or logseq a tag is nothing else than a note which collects backlinks when the tag appears there. In bear that is also possible and that without the note being shown in tag tree. The way to achive that is nothing genius but i would let you know if someone finds that useful. I definetely will play around with that.


  1. Rather than tagging in normal way just put the tag inside a wiki link like that: [[#tag]]. That kind of tag will be formatted in the colour of a wiki link and will therefore stands out. The good thing about that: If a tag is setted in this way the note will not be added to the tag tree of the left sidebar

  2. Create the note from wiki link and pin it to the top of the notes list for quick access

  3. This note will be added to the tag tree of left sidebar. The title of the note is the tag: #tag

  4. Open backlinks and view your collection of that kind of tags in a meningful preview of context



I described above a nifty feature (or better said: a clever usage of already existing features) that gives an additional layer of notes management. But it doesn’t work properly in all cases. I hope something can be done about that. When you just create a simple tag inside a wiki link everything works fine and as expected. But using nested tags do not work for two reasons:

  1. For whatever reason (when i write such a wiki link: [[#due/2023/05/01]]) in the title of the created note sometimes back slashes are put before the normal slashes. That results that in the tag tree no nesting happens. I have manually to remove the back slashes

  2. The far bigger problem is that even after removing back slashes it doesn’t work as expected.

Here 2 screenshots:

As you see here the link [[#bookmark]] works fine. The backlinks to the note #bookmark are shown. But as you can see there is also a backlink to the note #bookmark/to_read. Amazingly the note #bookmark/to_read even doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter how often i click on the link, it always brings me to the note #bookmark

In the second screenshot you can see another problem: the note exist but it doesn’t show its backlink. That happens for all notes as long as problem form screenshot number one doesn’t happen

I am aware that i have strained bear by combining wiki link, backlink, tag and title features. But since not-nested tags work i hope you can make also nested tags inside wiki links work properly.