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As a longtime Bear user with 7500 notes, a Bear database of 89G and writing in five languages my most important wish is a division of my notes in workspaces.
Separate databases for work, private, my different languages and hobbies.
Each workspace with its own set of tags and it’s own encryption.
The archive also a separate workspace with tags.
The possibility to move/copy notes between workspaces.
And very important the possibility to choose which of the workspaces om my Mac will be synchronized with iPhone or IPad.
Users who don’t need this setup can just use one workspace.

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What makes me want to switch away from Bear is (in the absence of being able to use ADP) the inability to encrypt notes that have attachments. I would love to be able to do this.

Also I would very much appreciate versioned notes/edit revision history - too easy to lose data be switching notes at the moment.

I love most everything else about bear, including interface, and ability to backup/export notes easily.