Question for the developers: Do workspaces have your attention?

There have not been many posts about this subject lately.
Reasons to consider workspaces are:

  1. The possibility to have completely separate workspaces for work and private notes
  2. Avoiding tag clutter for users with several diverse interests
  3. A possibility to have the archive as a separate workspace, with its own tags
  4. The possibility to give each workspace its own password protection
  5. For users with many notes a choice to sync a workspace with their phone, ipad or not.

In my own situation I need separate workspaces for work, private, language studies, cooking, homes, archive and sensitive information. And maybe also an inbox.

On the Mac all these workspaces will be stored as separate databases syncing with iCloud.
Each workspace has its own password protection.

For each workspace the possibility to synchronize it with iPhone and/or iPad.
Moving notes between workspaces has to be possible.


At the moment we are focusing on Bear Web and Panda and I can’t say Workspaces are a priority right now. We are trying to avoid as many features as possible that might move the web version forward in time.


Thank you for the focus on Web. Much as I would love workspaces (and they could be totally isolated from each other), being able to access Bear outside the Apple ecosystem would be a game changer in terms of sharing with others who have not yet been enveloped by the Reality Distortion Field.

I know you can’t give dates, but is there a general timeline/roadmap for Bear Web? As one who took part in the never ending OmniFocus for Web beta, I would enjoy being part of the Web (and Panda: I need to do things with tables that Bear doesn’t allow) beta, when it launches.

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Hi! Is that true for the backlinks column update too? I’ve been looking forward to that :stuck_out_tongue:

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