Request: multiple Bear databases

I don’t know if this is already available, or if it’s even feasible. I would like to maintain two Bear databases, with separate tags and backlinks. One would be for my more private writing and journaling. The current ability to keep notes private doesn’t include backlinks or tags. I suspect keeping those private would be a major coding effort, so a good workaround would be creating a separate database with those notes in it.

Is this already possible in Bear 1? If so, how?

If it’s not, is this a feature that others would find useful?

There is no other way than saving your database as backup file and loading that file

That‘s far from convenient. Here the thread where workspaces are discussed:


As a possible workaround: when Bear 2 goes live, can we also run Bear 1 concurrently? If so, would they have separate databases? That would work perfectly for my use case.

I don’t think that is a good idea. That means the devs now have 2 (+1 when Panda goes live) apps to maintain where there is no reason to maintain Bear 1 and no feature would be added to Bear 1 and will cause confusion to the consumers.

I wouldn’t expect the developers to maintain Bear 1. All I would like is the ability to run the current version of Bear 1 concurrently with Bear 2, which I can do with the Bear 2 beta. Hmmm…I might have just answered my own question.