Add a "soft" separator option (feature request)

I’d love the option of a “soft” separator for notes, in addition to the horizontal line, which I’d call a hard separator. Sometimes, I’d like to create a sense of visual separation between sections of a note without the “finality” of a full-width horizontal line. I used to use Craft a lot more, and they implement this very nicely:

I recognize there might be Markdown-related reasons this isn’t possible. But something like Craft’s “three dots” would gel nicely with Bear’s overall design aesthetic.


I think it will not be included in Bear as they try to stay with standard markdown.

But as for my solution for these occasions - I use two empty lines ( = 1 more empty line, as I always separate paragraphs by empty line) for such bigger breaks in meaning/visual separation.

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I agree. I do like those various separators that Craft has.

As far as I know the commonmark syntax allow three ways of setting a separator. That indeed would allow to set inside of bears editor three kinds of separators:

  • hard separator
  • soft separator like the op requested and I los would like to have
  • a page break
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