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I noticed the option to set up a keyboard shortcut for opening a new Bear main window in the app settings. This solves my problem in its own way. One minor caveat I have with it is that if one Bear window is already open, the same keyboard shortcut closes that window instead of opening a new one.

I’ll still leave this thread open as I think there is some room for discussion here. I expect Mac apps that have multi-window workflows to provide a menu bar entry to create new windows and Bear not providing one broke the consistency.

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In order to open a new Bear window, I have to click on the Bear icon on the dock.

I don’t quit Bear with command + Q, rather I just close all windows and keep it running in the background. When I Alt + Tab to select Bear, in order to open a window without clicking on the icon on the dock, I have to use the command + N keyboard shortcut to create a new note in a new Bear window. Then I have to delete the new note.

This is frustrating and redundant.


Add a menu bar item to open a new Bear window with a keyboard shortcut.

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Command + apostrophe opens the main window if it’s closed. Otherwise why not just minimize the window without closing?

Or you can use Command + H to Hide Bear (or any other active app), instead of closing all windows.

And then using command + Tab only, will bring it back in view, in whatever state you had before. And this works without any additional shortcuts.

I find this much quicker and easier than any other method …

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