Add person tag using @


Noteplan, Agenda and other apps now use @personname as a person tag. This is a great way to use Panda as an journal for projects. That way, I do not need to use too many apps. I see Panda as a single app that will replace these apps.

It would be even great (future feature) to link panda to calendar and contacts …



This might work and eventually we will add this to our to-do list, but we don’t want to extend this to Contacts and Calendar mostly because this is a side feature compared to the editor-related ones (for example), and requesting Contacts and Calendar access just for this seems excessive.

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Would that person tag be nested? i am thinking about something like: @organization/funktion/name or @magazine/author

Hi there,

It’s not within our current plans at the moment, but thank you for the suggestion. I’ll pass it onto the team to have a think about.