Add the table of content please

I would see the opportunity to create or add the table of content in the new version of Panda app. For example If I wrote 2-3 H1 text, I wanna see the brief review of all H1 text:

  1. H1 Theme 1
    1. H2 Subtopic
  2. H1 Theme 2
  3. H1 Theme 3

H1 Theme 1
Some text, text, text.

H2 Subtopic
text text tex

H1 Theme 2
Some text, text, text.

H1 Theme 3
Some text, text, text.

Thanks in advance.


I would love this being implemented.

Hi there,

We do have a table of contents feature in the latest update of Panda! See here: Panda release notes 1.0(2208)

That is great

The navigation bar clicking (i) is too small, and most people is used to be able to look at the table of contents at the top of document, which makes it easier to picture the structure of the document before diving in.

Would that be possible?

Thank you for the feedback.

This is our current direction for that feature, but nothing is set in stone just yet. So i’ll pass on the suggestions to the designer.

Maybe let us copy the TOC from the info panel so we can paste in the whole structure easily into the document if wanted? Would that be a possible implementation?

Hi Eleanor,

I’ll pass the suggestion onto the team. Firstly, to see if it would be possible, and secondly to see if it would be something they’d like to implement.

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