Adding footnote deletes selected text

Testing version:
Panda Version 1.0 (415), Catalina 10.15.4
What were you doing:
Entering some text and selecting a word:
Скриншот 2020-05-07 13.36.54
Pressing Shift+Cmd+E to add a footnote:

Entering footnote text:

What happened:
Selected text is deleted when clicking ‘Done’ button:

What did you expect to happen:
Footnote symbol (*) to appear after the previously selected text. Like this:
"Test text*."
(Sorry, no image or link to the image, as there is a limit of two images and two links per post for new users.)

Ok. Here are further investigations - currently three formatting are replacing the selected text: Footnote, Separator and Table. I can imagine situation, where I want to replace some text with, say, table of separator, but I still think it is safer to add Footnote, Separator or Table right after selected text instead of replacing it…


This is the standard/intended behaviour, let me explain: if you have selected some text and press a key the text will be replaced, footnotes, separator and tables are just text and they should replace you selection if you’re adding those (even via shortcuts).

We tried a bit of other editors and this seem to be true for all them, so we’re not planning to change this.