Additional Shortcut Actions I would like!


  1. Ability to edit or replace the contents of a Note (Deleting a note and creating a copy doesn’t work)
  2. Ability to get the Note ID from within Shortcuts (currently you can get everything but the ID)
  3. Ability to get the currently open, (or most recently opened) Note. (This is less important, but nice to have)


I think I might require some more info about what you are trying to accomplish with 1. and 3.
Regarding 2. we do have a shortcut (Note > Copy Note Identifier ⌥⇧⌘i)

The basic idea with all three requests is to be able to create integrations and features that aren’t (and probably shouldn’t be) built into Bear itself.

I was trying to build backlinks for Bear notes within Shortcuts. I came up with this: Shortcuts

I could already append a backlinks section at the bottom of a note, but I can’t delete the old Backlinks to replace them with the new ones. This is why I asked for 1.

If 1 is not possible, it’s actually feasible to create certain features outside of bear. For example, and HTML view could show backlinks for the last open note. Hence my ask for 3. (3 is less important, because it wouldn’t slightly improve the speed of such a shortcut, you could always copy the ID manually)

Finally, 2, I know you can copy an ID from within Bear, I wanted the ID exposed within Shortcuts, unless I’m missing something.

I love Shortcuts but I always misunderstand Shortcuts the app with the keyboard shortcuts and that’s mildly infuriating.

  1. Each note item (Repeat Item) is an object containing several properties. Unfortunately, the note identifier is not directly exposed but you can access the note’s link. Within the link, you can easily get the
    id by deleting bear://x-callback-url/open-note?id=

  1. You are right but considering 2. and how to get the note id, you might want to look at Bear’s /add-text XURL with mode=replace. Unfortunately, this requires some URL encoding and string composing.

  2. XURL’s /open-note comes with a selected parameter for having the currently opened note. Mind this requires the use of the API token.

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