App Store version not replacing the beta

Good morning and congratulations on the release! I tried replacing the beta by downloading the new version from the app store, and everything went smoothly on iOS. However, on macOS, I’m getting an error message suggesting that I should delete Bear (which I believe should be avoided :D). Can anyone suggest how to proceed?


I got the same message.

for me, I’ve deleted the test flight version, then install from app store again

Have the beta notes been successfully migrated to the new version using this approach?

I have the same. the IOS versions have migrated fine from Beta, but the MacOS shows this same message.

Same. I closed the Beta and renamed it. Then downloaded the App Store version - it all worked fine (and replaced the Beta).

Amazing work Team Bear!! :tada::heart:

Although it feels a little anti-climactic because other than this blip it pretty much worked seamlessly and we have the same version we’ve been using every day… (I have issues, I know) :sweat_smile:


I did the same. Tnx. And congrats team!

Thanks! This worked for me! :grinning:

Completely smooth process for me as well. I like the way that the Bear team worked slowly, deliberately and carefully while rolling out a well-designed app and a easy transition from beta to Bear 2.0.