Apple Shortcuts “Shortcut Input” does not properly parse markdown tasks

Testing version:

What were you doing:
I’m working on an Apple Shortcut that converts markdown tasks into Things 3 tasks.

What feature did you use:
Markdown Tasks
Using a note where I’ve typed four tasks, completed and uncompleted:

- [x] completed task 1
- [x] completed task 2
- [ ] uncomplete todo
- [x] resolved todo

What happened:
When I manually copy the Bear text into TextEdit, and then run my shortcut, it works like a charm. When I send the Bear text directly into the shortcut, Apple Shortcuts cannot see that the text is in a task. (See screenshot–the first column is the original, second is how it pastes into TextEdit, and the third is how Apple Shortcuts interprets it). This is true whether I select ‘hide markdown’ in settings or not.

Other notes:
I tested a bunch of different combinations of converting to rich text, html, etc. Also played with some other Markdown editors. The Bear-unique issue seems to be that copying the tasks allows a paste into plain text that retains the markdown markup, but is invisible to Apple Shortcuts. I suspect this might be an Apple Shortcuts issue, BUT I think the hiding markdown preview should be preventing the problem if that’s the case.

What did you expect to happen:
I would expect that the tasks from Bear would enter the clipboard the same way—not sure what is happening.
Here’s an excerpt of the shortcut I’m building that replicates the issue: Shortcuts
(instead of creating a Things 3 task, it should display a notification saying ‘new task’ or ‘completed task.’)

See also these two issue reports:
(sorry–can only put in two links into this bug report according to the system)


macOS sharing capabilities are quite limited compared to iOS. on iPhones/iPads we can detect the sharing destination app and change the output accordingly but this is not the case on macOS and the rich text version is always sent to apps.

If I’m not mistaken, you are using the sharing in the … menu inside a note, if you instead select the text, right-click> Services, and click on the shortcut, do you get a different result?

Sorry I missed this, @trix180 ! I was indeed using the services > menu. (I don’t have it in the … menu.)