Bear iOS 16.4.1 - add a new to-do item to a list results in the to-do markdown characters appearing at the end of the line

Testing version: Bear 2

What were you doing: I tried using voice to text on my iPhone to add a new task to a list. I used the Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard.

What feature did you use: Add a To do item to a list in a note

What happened: The system flipped the markdown to-do characters to the end of the list item. It looked like this:
Defrost freezer.-
get dog food.-

What did you expect to happen: I expected the system to put a checkbox control (or the markdown characters) in front of the list item.

  • [ ] Defrost freezer.
  • [ ] get dog food.
    The system behaves correctly when you add a to-do item by typing with the SwiftKey keyboard.