Apple Vision Pro Support! 🥽

We are so excited to announce that Bear now supports Apple Vision Pro! :goggles:

No matter where you choose to use Bear, we are happy to provide you with a beautiful and peaceful experience. :bear:

Available now: ‎Bear - Markdown Notes on the App Store

Here’s a glimpse of Bear on Apple Vision Pro:


I would love a native VisionOS app. There are a lot of benefits like window sizing, easier control targets for the eyes, and text clarity.

The same way running an iPad app on an M1 Mac isn’t the same. It works, but having a UI designed for that platform makes a big difference.

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Out of genuine curiosity, how many Bear uses do you think will be AVP wearers? I understand the cool factor, and that it [hopefully] didn’t take a lot of resources to enable it, but I hope you won’t be focused in the near term on a native VisionOS app. Given your other priorities, I don’t see this one as high on the cost/benefit list. Of course, I could be completely wrong about this, but I suspect the number of Bear users who purchase an AVP this year will be in the low double digits.


My hope is that it’s not a significant investment. I acknowledge the current market is small, but another question to ask is how many AVP users could become Bear users. Apple Notes is the only VisionOS notes app at the moment, and if users want Markdown, there’s nothing. There’s 200,000+ AVP owners with no native Markdown app.

I don’t want to put other improvements on the back burner for this, but I would really appreciate it and use it extensively. At current state, it’s easier and more functional for me to mirror my MacBook display into VisionOS and use Bear that way rather than use the iPad version within VisionOS.

I very much believe this is only the start of this platform. Also, super stoked about the Web version of Bear. I’d like access to my notes at work.

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Relax, guys. It’s most likely the iPad version in compatibility mode. Next to no work required for the devs, and wonderful for AVP users.