Vision Pro Support

Will there be Vision Pro support at launch?

Unnecessary context: I’m excited to use Vision Pro, but the Bear app will be one of my most important to make sure I can move my day-to-day work to Vision Pro.

I’m curious if you can share what the plan is here. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hijack your thread, but I’m genuinely curious: what’s exciting to you with Vision Pro? What’s your use case?

I can’t see it, personally (HA HA). There’s no doubt that’s it a tremendous piece of hardware and an engineering feat, but… what’s its use? Apart from watching Disney+ on a huge screen and writing Word documents on top of the Everest? No shade, I genuinely don’t understand, and I’d like to understand.

(When it will be glasses, then I understand. But until then…)

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I don’t mind, it’s a very unique device.

For me, I am the CEO of my company and require a lot of screen space, and the ability to see a lot of data at once. Multiple displays annoy me and the cost isn’t great plus they’re not easily portable.

For me, I can plug into usb-c that I already have sitting at my desk, and work with many more things than I can right now on my single 32” monitor without the clutter of multiple physical displays ruining my workspace and taking up the physical desk space I need to use as well. Paired with just a Magic Keyboard and trackpad, I’m all set and my M3 Max 16” MacBook pro will simply run things I need more power for (but I can do that in spatial as well.

In addition to that, I will definitely enjoy using it for a 100ft movie screen for 3D movies. Movies and tv are my passion and what I spend my free time on more than anything - and in this way, it’ll be the best there is.

Finally, it seems counter intuitive given the closeness of the screens to your eyes but allowing your eyes to focus on what they think are far away should create far less eye fatigue than what I get now when I’m working 15 hours a day staring at my monitor. It should allow for the apparency of space and distance and my eyes should be much better and more comfortable because of it.


Thank you for your detailed answer! If you have the time, when you will have had time to play around with the device, I’d be very keen to hear your opinion on the huge screen use case.

I’ll definitely try to remember to write back. I’m very excited to use it :grin:

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yes, unless we find some submission-related problem, Bear will have support for Vision Pro at launch.
We will not provide a fully native version of Bear but a porting of the iPadOS/iOS app. The app will provide all the UI feedback required by VisionOS to work (e.g. background changes on controls when you look at them), will sync with the other Bear installations, and provide all the functionalities of the iPad app.

Your use case is quite interesting. I suggest pairing VisionPro with a magic keyboard because the provided virtual keyboard is not great for typing long texts.


Wonderful!! Thank you!!

I totally agree on the keyboard, I’ve got it and a Magic Trackpad for things like documents and notes ready to go for when needed. :grin: