Bear 2.0 (10209) - Crash when trying different tags

In Bear 2.0 (10209) I was trying different icons for my tags, I just wanted to see what they looked like colored in my theme. I would change it once, and it would be fine, but if I tried a second one it would crash/force quit the app.
It looks like someone reported a similar bug in October '22, however, I could change the tag once and be fine, but if I selected another one in the same session (like without hitting done, then going back in to edit it again), it crashed.

Hopefully it can be fixed before the big release!

Edit to add: I just looked at tag icons while editing one tag, then clicked out of the menu to change a different one (without selecting anything/changing the first one) and the app crashed when I clicked the dropdown to edit the tag on the second one.

Can confirm, I’ve encountered the same issue but wasn’t able to reproduce it.