Bear 2.0 (9695): Two issues with images in the notes list

When the notes list preview style is not hiding attachments, then two issues are apparent:

First is when you expand a collapsed section of a note that contains an image, e.g. in the “Welcome to the beta!” note with the folded section. When you expand that section, a duplicate of the panda bear image temporarily appears (for about 1-2 seconds) in the notes list.

Second is that whenever you stop typing in the main editor for a note that contains any images, then the image(s) in the notes list are annoyingly “flashed” during the save. This second issue also exists in Bear 1.

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Yes, the first I had issue with since the first beta. I had addressed it, but perhaps it is a difficult fix or my words did not go through properly. :pray:

Thanks for reporting these glitches. We’ll try to fix them for the next update.