Bear 2.0 (9695)

Hello, i noticed a bug, when i try to toggle the note, the image previews in Notes List behaving weirdly like shuffling positions ? and if there is only one image inside a note, then it’s showing two images of the same. Took a screen recording, but unable to share here, as it is more than 8MB

Also now both external links and header links inside notes, having the same icon at the end. Attaching a screenshot for refrence!

I would like to specify more about the second bug - when using wikilinks to header, it works fine. The issue with external icon when pointing to headers is only when copying link (callback) to the header and pasting it as a link.

I think it’s an excellent point to have the header links converted to wiki links. I’ll discuss this with the team.

Any chance you can compress the video or upload it on some sharing platform?