Bear 2.0 Beach Ball

Version 2.0 (9735)

Selected note that contains many images

I wanted to export the note into a PDF

The application stopped responding, and Bear was playing with the beach ball. Attempts to click on the menu hung, although the menu did finally display yet I could not select a menu option. The Bear app itself was unresponsive in attempts to select another note.

I expected the app to not hang and stop responding. This has happened with other notes that contain a lot of images.

edit: attached a screen share. note that the screen did not capture the beach ball for some reason, but hopefully the hanging of the app, and delay in menu display and inability to select a menu option is clear.


I have a strong suspect about what the issue might be here. If you try to perform the same action without using the search, it works as expected?

Thanks for reporting this bug.

I will give it a try first thing tomorrow morning! Thanks!

Your suspicion is correct @trix180. At first, I tried to search for the doc, then click the x to close search (once the doc had been found and selected), and that action was enough to beach ball. I forced closed, and in my second attempt, I just manually navigated to the doc, selected it, and all was well.

Thanks, we have a problem with the code catching the image/pdf content at the moment and the search might trigger too many calls causing the beach ball. We’ll provide a fix with the next releases.

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I saw your reply to another user asking when we could expect another beta update. In it, you mentioned OCR search and bugs related to. I assume the above bug report is part of that list of bugs taking longer than anticipated to resolve? I ask because the latest beta release still hangs on the same document where I identified his bug. Thanks!

Correct, but the bug reported has taken a relatively short time, the OCR extension for the note search otherwise needs additional testing.

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I see the latest release notes addressed this bug, and can confirm it appears to be fixed! Thank you!

Sometimes is more challenging to come up with a meaningful description of the bug fix than fix the bug itself :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the follow-up.

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