🚨 New Update Alert 2.1.7/2.1.8

Hey! We’ve just rolled out version 2.1.7 with minor bug fixes, some small performance tweaks, and a couple of neat little features to keep things fun.

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We’ve introduced a new home screen quick action for Document Scanning. Try it out and let us know your thoughts :thought_balloon:

Full Change Log:
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I’m having frequent beachballs and need to force quit 2.1.7 on macOS 12.7.4 :frowning:

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Same thing with beachballs on macOS 13.6.6. It happens anytime I try to copy text.

“Undo” also no longer works. It only undoes changes in the note list, not textual changes. What is going on with this update, folks?

Hello folks, sorry for the inconvenience, this update introduced some bugs for macOS < 14.0, we’re fixing those and sending another update in a few hours.


Hello. I don’t know if the problem existed since before this update - but I just noticed that I can’t edit encrypted notes anymore: On iPhone, if I try decrypting an (encrypted) note to edit its content, right after I used faceID to unlock it, the app refreshes and the note gives me the “unlock note” screen once again. It feels very glitchy. I’ve experienced the problem on iPhone 15 Pro. Thank you!

If you close Bear’s app on your iPhone and re-open can you reproduce the issue?

I experience the following:

  • The problem persist if I encrypt a note, restart Bear, and try to decrypt the note to read or edit it (it fails as described above).
  • If I try decrypting a note that I had encrypted long ago I can’t decrypt it either (same behaviour).
  • I can, however, remove the encryption from the note to read its content.

Does that answer your question? :slight_smile: