Forced install of Bear 2 mobile, notes not syncing and other non-starter experiences


Bear 2 looks amazing overall, my phone app just auto-updated itself to 2.
However there are at least two major problems with this:

  1. My desktop version does not show an update available to 2. And the notes appear not to be syncing between the app and desktop, which is the whole reason why I use Bear.

  2. There appears not to be a way to hide completed todo by default. I’ve built up many todo workflows in bear over the years that make this a complete non-starter. I would need to switch off Bear if this is really a “feature” of Bear 2.

Please help. Thank you for building an otherwise great app, know it’s not easy.


What version of macOS is your Mac running? According to their “Get ready for Bear 2” post on their blog, it requires your Mac to be running at minimum, macOS 11.

Thank you @macfixer. macOS 13.
Got the app store to finally offer update.


Excellent! I’m glad you’re up and running again!

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I’m currently on Mac OS 10.15, so it looks like I can’t use Bear 2.

But iOS automatically updated to Bear 2 before I even knew it was being released, so I never had a chance to choose to stay with Bear 1.

I now understand sync isn’t working bc the two versions don’t sync. But I can’t update my whole Mac OS right now, so am I just stuck with two incompatible versions? Is there any way to go back to Bear 1 on my phone? Syncing is the whole reason I am paying for Bear Pro and it’s now broken.

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This happened to me, too. Had to go through manual uninstall and re-install process. App store didn’t push the update on MacBook, but iPhone version auto-updated. Took a few hours but appears to be working fine now. Hope yours works soon, too.


How did you uninstall on iPhone and download the first version of Bear? I’ve had the same issue as you. Thank you.