Mac OS compatibility question

Hi. Will Bear 2.0 both now, and going forward, remain OSX and IOS independent?

I currently use Catalina on my old horse of an iMac and my iPhone and iPad are updated to the latest versions. This has rendered Notability, Noteshelf and Apple Notes apps (and many more) to be useless because of compatibility issues including corruption of files.

My question does not imply a criticism of OS-specific upgrading. I’m simply looking forward in a practical way. The app enhancement plans for 2.0 are great btw.


Hi Pat,

We try to support old OS versions as much as possible but over the years keeping support for macOS release is very hard if not impossible in some cases. With Bear 2 the minimum requirement for macOS will be 10.15 and 14 for iOS.

Yes I do understand completely. I’m loathe to give Apple 3k for a new box when my old one works just fine. Not to worry - I’ll get over it and buy a new MBP eventually.

Many thanks for the reply. Pat