Bear 2 compatible with macOS 10.15?


Will Bear 2 be compatible with macOS 10.5 Catalina?

I believe it is, yes. The reason the beta isn’t on it is that the TestFlight app doesn’t run on Catalina

I can confirm Bear 2 will be available for macOS 10.15 or greater.

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Thank you very much!

Is your statement still true? I read on the blog post from today that Mac: macOS 11 or later is required to use Bear2. What happened? I can only continue my sub with macOS 10.15 included.

There was a last-minute issue with 10.15, we still want to support it, but unfortunately, it won’t be at launch.

We’ll try to make it available on 10.15 asap after the launch, sorry about that.


Ah that‘s still good news for my music studio :partying_face: I can‘t upgrade macOS there…

Excellent, I did a double take when I saw the blog entry mention Mac OS 11 as a minimum. Pleased to hear 10.15 will still be supported shortly afterwards.

Glad to hear!
Thank you


Is there any visibility on the release date (or target horizon) for macOS 10.15?

Hello, unfortunately no. We can’t overcome some Catalina issues that can compromise user security and data while preserving the binary for the most recent macOS release. If something changes we’ll be more than happy to ship it but at this point, we can’t guarantee a Bear 2 for 10.15 will see the light.

This is a sad news.
Thank you.

Is there still hope to a Bear 2 for macOS 10.15?

I wish I could tell you there’s some hope for 10.15 but the reality is we have not found a solution to have it work without compromising the build for macOS 11+ and at this point is better to say Bear 2 will not be available for Catalina.

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Thank you for your reply.

Maybe will it work with the web version?
Do you have any idea on its release date?