Bear 2.0 Highlight Design

Dear Shiny :frog: team,

Since the start of the beta test, there is something that bothers me when I switch from iOS / iPadOS to macOS.

Bear 2.0 Beta iOS / iPadOS
Bear 2.0 Beta iOS iPadOS

Bear 2.0 Beta macOS
Bear 2.0 Beta macOS

What actually bothers me is that distinct highlight bar on the macOS version, which is distracting and honestly, not a good adaptation of the previous design to the new roundness-all-around design.

With its rectilinear / straight-lines design, Bear 1.0 may have started to look dated, but at least this highlight bar was discrete and well integrated in both versions of the app. So, since I wasn’t sure you would be willing to reconsider its presence, I tried to find another way to integrate it into the new Bear 2.0 design.

Bear 1.0
Bear 1.0

Bear 2.0 concept
Bear 2.0 Concept

Actual Bear 2.0 Beta macOS design / Inactive and active concept
Bear 2.0 Beta macOS
Bear 2.0 Concept 1
Bear 2.0 Concept 2

Kind regards,

A long-time :bear: user

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I always liked the highlight bar as it made it very clear when the note list was active vs the note itself.

You are right. It is better to have a highlight to make it clear that the notes list is active.