(Bear 2 beta) behavior of Cmd+up/down arrow inconsistent with Mac defaults

In Bear 2, Cmd+up/down moves you to the previous/next note. This is inconsistent with Mac defaults. I would expect these shortcuts to move you to start/end of the current note.

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I don’t see this behavior on my MBP,
Here it works as expected: ⌘up/down moves cursor to start/end of current note

  • What build version of Bear 2.0 do you have?
  • Could you have changed MacOS keyboard shortcuts for Bear 1 that maybe behaves differently in Bear 2.0?


  • Command–Left Bracket [: Go to the previous note.
  • Command–Right Bracket ]: Go to the next note.

⌘↑ and ⌘↓ (as does just plain Up and Down arrow keys) moves to next/previous note in the note list if you have the note list active. ⌘↑↓ moves to start/end of the note if you have the note active.

You can see the note list is active when the note has the colorful accent bar on the left side. Once you press Return or click into the note body, it focuses on the note itself and the color disappears, and the keyboard shortcut works as expected.

Maybe that’s what you were seeing?

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Hmm, testing it now, it behaves like you guys say. But I had instances where I was writing and then pressed Cmd+arrow, and it moved me to another note. I definitely didn’t defocus or finish writing or anything. So maybe there’s a bug there somewhere.