Bear 2 won't start anymore after 4 days of using it

Testing version: Bear 2.0 9619

What were you doing: Lauching Bear 2

What feature did you use: Lauching Bear 2

What happened: I can’t start Bear 2 anymore, even after deleting /Users/joel/Library/Group Containers/ Data v2 directory

What did you expect to happen: Bear starting as usual. I have enjoyed Bear 2 since last friday but it won’t start anymore.

  • I have the Full Error Report log if you need
  • I tried to reboot several times.

Resolved: After deleting Bear 2 with the app “AppCleaner”, I’ve been able to start it again and all my notes are ok. (I restored the Application Data v2 directory before)


thanks for reporting this issue. Can you please send me the report log and any possible logs available here ~/Library/Containers/net.shinyfrog.bear/Data/Library/Logs/Bear/ via DM?

Best Regards.

Ok Danilo, I just sent you the log file.

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