"Bear.app" No Longer Available (after MacOS update Sonoma 14.2.1)

Testing version: MacOS 2.1 (12324)

What were you doing: Trying to open Bear

What feature did you use: None

What happened: Failed to open, prompt stating “Bear.app” No Longer Available. - The beta app, Bear.app, is no longer available. The provisioning profile is invalid. I clicked the link to show in TestFlight, but nothing can be garnished from that. The app appears valid and list “Open” but when I open, it returns the same prompt.

What did you expect to happen: The app would open.

I’m going to bump this. I understand it’s a weekend, but curious if anyone else has run into it. I use Bear.app as a daily driver, especially for work. I can’t have it going down on me. I’m hopeful to continue to support the beta testing and try new features, but wondering if I should drop back to the more stable production build?

Considering removing the Bear beta from my MacOS, and trying to reinstall it via Test Flight. Before I do that, I wanted to confirm whether anyone else is running Sonoma 14.2.1 with Bear Beta without issue?

Follow up. I uninstalled the existing Bear app, then reinstalled via Test Flight and appears to be working. No data loss. Not ideal, but it worked.

Bear 2.1 (12325) was already released on AppStore and MAS three weeks ago …

Well therein lies a bigger question… Why am I running “betas” in TestFlight if production is ahead of the dev build? The latest version in my TestFlight is (12324).

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