Bear got featured in WWDC24 keynote! 🎉

We are so honored to be mentioned in the WWDC24 keynote! It was such a wonderful surprise to see Bear featured in the showcase of third-party usage for Apple Intelligence.

This week we will spend time discussing internally about how we can use this new technology and tools to help Bear go further. Privacy remains our core value at Shiny Frog but we are excited to see how Apple Intelligence develops in the coming months. Working on the OS compatibility in the coming weeks is also on the top of our list. :metal:

Check out the WWDC24 Keynote here at 1:39:07 and let us know how you’d like to see Bear incorporate the advancements to help your note taking!


The Bear Team


Yes, please. I would love the following in particular order:

  • AI-based summarisation and rewriting (available in the OS level)
  • Ability to sketch and it create an image from it would be great; unsure if it would work in Bear since there’s no inline sketch like AN
  • Ability to integrate with Image Playground so we can have custom emojis for tags etc

(This is in general)

  • Integrate with OS-level functions to do things like suggest tags, write notes, etc. even if the call is to chatGPT. I understand Shiny Frogs is privacy-focused, but let the users decide. If Apple allows the choice, I think it’s a no-brainer.
    This is general feedback: Sketching, while nice, is not at the par of GN or AN. It would be good to have some improvements when it comes to handwriting smoothing (like AN, and available via PencilKit, I imagine) and Math recognition.

As always, I appreciate your hard work, but we need the app to be (more) 2024, and there’s no one better poised to take the opportunity than you all, especially with the 2.0 release. Thank you!

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The socalled writing tools - that’s how i understood Craig - are available automatically and without any development effort if bear allows it. As long as there are no security issues i do not see any reason not to allow these writing tools. While i really despise the features to let an ai rewrite/summarize your own thoughts, neverthelesse i would appreciate the proofreading inside the writing tools if the proofreadings quality is good. If others want to use the complete feature set of the writing tools why the shouldn’t be allowed as long as security is not affected?

So far i only see two features apart from the writing tools which i would like to have:

  • the genmojis (ai-created emojis) are cool for creating own emojis
  • Rather than showing the first few lines of a note as preview in the notes inside the article lists, a short and meaningful summarazition would be definetely more useful

The app was shown at the wwdc 2024. Bear in its current state seems to be very much of 2024 :wink:


As always, I appreciate your hard work, but we need the app to be (more) 2024, and there’s no one better poised to take the opportunity than you all, especially with the 2.0 release. Thank you!

iOS 18 has only just been presented, it’s hard to say that Bear isn’t 2024 enough, especially after their appearance in the Keynote :sweat_smile:


It was a thread in soliciting feedback for incorporation to the so-called Apple Intelligence announcements. which has been all the craze. I prefers Apple’s way of doing gen AI as a tool rather than a product and hence the 2024 comment.

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Suggestion for the AI “rewording” features that were demo’d. Have the point of using the AI result be something you choose to either insert or replace.
Apple’s demonstration showed it always replacing. That makes me nervous I could lose what I’ve already written.


I’ve always wanted to ask about voice recordings in Bear, but I haven’t done it because it’s not that highly important to me. I’ll take this opportunity to ask about the possibility of adding a voice recording with subsequent transcription to the note, as in apple notes.

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Yes! I would love to have this feature too! That is the feature I’ve been wanting. Makes so much sense.

Give us everything that the native Apple Notes app has (minus math notes and smart script I suppose). I love Bear and Apple Notes, but Bear is more robust and has markdown support & more advanced features so I pay for and use it instead. I don’t want to feel like I’m missing out on anything with Bear vs. the native Notes app