AI integration in Bear

this is something I’ve been thinking since I’ve tried Jasper and now that both Notion and Craft announced AI text integration, along with a GPT-3 integration for Logseq and soon Obsidian, I was wondering if this is in your plans for the release of 2.0.

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Not a developer, but I can most assuredly say it’s not in the cards for the initial 2.0 release.

What is that feature about at all? Never heard!

No, at the moment we don’t have plans for AI integration. I’m personally concerned about privacy implications connected to AI and model sizes but I have not investigated how other apps use models.

I know there are different shades of AI integration (summarise, inspiration, …) with some startups aiming to automatically organise notes. Have someone tested those AI functionalities and found them useful?


Thank god you’re thinking about privacy. For me, the AI offerings out there are mostly useless for two reasons:

  1. privacy, as you mention. They require stuff to be sent to arbitrary servers for processing which limits what I can store in the app
  2. they usually only work in English which is not my primary language for note taking.

That said, I did see’s summaries of some Twitter threads and they were astonishingly good. (I don’t have their subscription but saw results from some other users). Again, limited to English, though.


Absolutely no interest in AI. Thanks for keeping it real bear devs :slight_smile:


I trust in natural intelligence. Also no need.

That speaks against the content on twitter but not for capatibilies of what artificial intelligence can produce


Just wanted to say how much I love that :joy:

Well, what a coincidence.

I have actually used this in Craft, it’s really neat, and it even works in Arabic.

You can tell it to:

  • Convert your note to slides
  • Create a cover design about the topic
  • Summarise
  • Create questions about the topic
  • Create Pros and Cons about the topic
  • Just write a note title and ask to brainstorm it

It can be a good start…

I really wish bear app integrates this with a / (slash) keyboard shortcut or something.

I see absolutely no reason why i would want this. You know it is well-established that writing your own summaries is a far better way to learn and remember things than copying something, or worse, having something ELSE write a summary for you. I strongly believe that AI integration is antithetical to the bear ethos and the values shared by most users who choose bear


I would also rather discourage this idea. Now it is very hot theme but soon AI capability will be something similar to google search or cloud storage. You will have it available everywhere. The key question then is why should Bear mimic google search or general cloud storage when there are special apps focused on that. I believe 90% of users use Bear for PERSONAL knowledge management of some kind. They do not need to “summarize” their own notes because they themselves created them (they could summarize them in the first place by themselves when having created them etc).

If 90% of Bear use would be e.g. website content / journal article fulltext storage, I can imagine AI could be of benefit. But not in current application use of most users. The maximum function I can view useful would be some kind of clever suggestion of similar notes based on lexical analysis (something Evernote/DevonThink tried to have, but not very effective IMO) but you do not need full-blown AI to do that.


In the end, AI is a tool that can be harnessed well. It can speed up many tasks that rather take time, and not all users have the same use cases.

This reply would get a gold coin if we were on reddit

Craft will integrate AI into the search, allowing natural language questions to be answered based on our notes. That’s something big.


when I introduced this topic it was out of curiosity considering some direct competitors are implementing AI into their apps, and so, it would be interesting to see, if bear was planning to do so, to see and discuss how it could be implemented within the current UI (I see some challenges and approaches that could make it a really interesting design challenge). personally, I don’t find AI integration as being an interesting feature as I can resource it from different platforms and integrate the generated text rather easily. However, I am surprised to read some of the comments, especially those concerned with “personal knowledge management” (whatever that means these days), and the usability of AI. I don’t see a clear correlation between the two to define the latter as good or bad. As any other tool can be used in many different ways and ultimately that’s what will define the outcomes.


Unfortunately, the problem with AI is that everthing that is processed by the AI ends up belonging to the AI. It’s a learning engine. Not sure I would want my most intimate thoughts to get inspected by it.

Of course we can decide to use it only to generate new content, but then it doesn’t make sense to have it in the notetaking system, does it? :slight_smile:


No, it’s not. ChatGPT uses conversations for training by default (you can turn it off), but accessing models via API is safe. Also, LLMs are available for offline use, e.g., so nothing has to leave user’s device.

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↑ can easily be applied to ↓ and it’s “interesting” that you didn’t notice.

Because you want X, X is magically not a bloat? I don’t care about note sharing in Bear at all. You can just copy stuff to Notion, Craft, or Apple Notes, all of which are free for this use case, just as I can copy text to any AI app to do stuff with AI and copy it back to the note. For your FR they would have to build a whole infrastructure for online note sharing. Compare that to reusing existing components in the app with just dozens of new lines of code to call APIs for AI response.

I’m not against adding new features. People care about note sharing and people care about AI integration. Both features can be easily hidden, disabled by default, and not visible at all to people who don’t care. Don’t fight other people’s needs with false arguments for some premature optimization or misunderstood minimalism, and just go to the thread with your FR and bump it if you need it, please.

Can you please provide documentation regarding chatGPT APIs that do not and will not use the content provided for other uses? My understanding was this is not specified (so they can).

Including a 3Gb model for non-core functionality is a very questionable choice. Also, is it English only?

Regardless of the technical implementation, what will you use chatGPT for in the note-taking context?

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