FR: Semantic search

Hello! Is there any possibility of incorporating the power of vector embeddings into Bear? This feature is native in Mem (with a Mem X subscription), available in Obsidian with the Smart Connections plugin, and will soon be available in Logseq (Why Logseq AI and how to preserve privacy? - General - Logseq), Tana, Craft, and Notion. It is incredibly useful for finding notes not only by keywords, but also by the meaning of the content in your notes. This is particularly helpful for users who keep notes in multiple languages. If this feature were added as an option (requiring users to provide their own OpenAI API key) and with an additional search operator (@ai?), it would integrate nicely into the existing feature set without compromising the privacy of users who wish to keep their notes completely private. It could be extended much further; however, even the basic feature of searching would be very helpful.

Seems interesting but we are inclined to not rely on external APIs. However, we’ll consider this for the search improvements.

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