Bear Helper, a new, easy-to-customize macOS menubar helper for the Bear app, written in Python

I got frustrated trying to use Shortcuts as a helper for Bear, so I created a python script that makes a menu bar icon you can click on to do various things with Bear. It works pretty well. I wrote a blog post about it here, and the code is on GitHub here.

For python programmers it’s a fairly simple script and should be easy to customise. I would love to hear from anyone that finds this useful.


As a Bear user, this utility could be very useful to me. However, I don’t know anything about coding. I know how to install apps, either by App Store or DMG. Is this useable by someone like me?

The point of Bear Helper is that it is easy to customise. I am thinking of doing an update to it to make it even easier to do script. But it does require doing things like editing the script, and getting it running in Python, so if you never do that kind of thing, then it might not be so easy to use. But I’ll keep working on it and announce here when there are new versions.
What type of thing would you want to use this for?

Well, the first thing is the template idea that you showed in your blog. I have several templates that I would use that way. Another thing I would like is to capture a screenshot and have it put it in a new note ready for me to title and add context notes. Thx!

This is an amazing idea. I have been toying with a similar idea myself for mapping location data and providing a graph view. Thanks for providing this!

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