Bug - can’t double click to select url text

Testing version:
2.0.1 (11717)

What were you doing:
Double tapping text that was URL formatted

What feature did you use:
Standard iOS double tap

What happened:
Normal text was selected, url text was not

What did you expect to happen:
When in edit mode I’d expect to be able to select the url text also

Are you sure about that? I don’t think URLs in Bear ever worked that way. Edit in edit mode, link in ‘normal’ mode. No?

Right, but any sort of text editing should be able to result in a selection of that text. As in, because I’m in edit mode, I should be able to do edit functions such as selection the text of the URL (i.e. double tap to select just the “google” or the “com” etc)

In Bear 1 clicking the link takes you to the web page. In bear 2 it doesn’t, hence my perception that I’m editing rather than interacting. Perhaps this is having bearing on expected results?

Yes. I am having weird issues with selecting text. I am trying to nail down reproducible steps to report (as they are random). Just like the OP, when I double-tap text it either selects other text or moves the cursor to another position.