Bug | Quotation in first sentence of quote is backwards

Testing version: 2.0

What were you doing: Putting in text to a quote field.

What feature did you use: The > key for a quote

What happened: If you use a " as the first character, it is backwards. Compared to if you use it later.

What did you expect to happen: The quote to be the right direction.

Example (see correct direction on the right side before I):

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I second this. Was going to post but saw you’ve already got it. Thanks.

I suspect this has something todo with smart quote substitutions more than >. If you disable the smart quotes in Edit > Substitutions you get the same problem?

@trix180 In short yes. If I turn off Smart Quotes, it goes back to straight, vertical quotes instead of the hooked ones. However, if I go into textedit, here’s what I find:

So I’m guessing in Bear, with the new changes to hide the markdown modifiers, it’s butting up against a > character. If I add a space in bear between the quote bar and the quote, it doesn’t flip.

However, if I type the text with the quote first, THEN convert it to a quote by going back to the beginning of the line, it renders correctly:

Let me know if you need anything else but I hope this is enough to explain it.

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For what it’s worth, I was just about to report this for bullets too. If I create a bullet and then add a smart quote, you get a reversed quote than what I’d expect.

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Just noticed this in the note title.