Automatic addition of quotes not using smart quotes

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10209)

What were you doing: Selected text and pressed " key.

What feature did you use: Automatically wrapping selected text with quotation marks.

What happened: Selected text wrapped with ”…".

What did you expect to happen: I have Smart Quotes substitution enabled. Bear should wrap the selected text with smart quotes.

I’m not 100% sure having the smart quotes here is the desired result but I’ll add this to the bugs to discuss

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Most of the writing styles I work with require smart quotes. The current behaviour means I can’t select text and just press , but have to manually add the smart quotes at the start and end.

If I’m working with smart quotes, I won’t use normal quotes unless it’s code within code blocks. So my expectation is that Bear should work with smart quotes in mind if it’s enabled.