Bug Report: Today filter hides new notes after midnight

Testing version:

Version 1.9.6 (9044) on macOS 10.15.7 (19H1419).

(I just realized that this is the Bear Beta forum, and perhaps I should be posting this in the main Bear forum, if there is one. Let me know and I can move it…)

What were you doing:

  1. It was 23:59.
  2. I was viewing my notes from today via the Today filter in the left sidebar.
  3. The clock struck 00:02.
  4. I tried to create a new note.

What feature did you use:

I hit cmd+n to create a new note.

What happened:

A new note was created, but it was hidden due to the active Today filter being stuck on yesterday as today instead of today as today. Does that make sense?

What did you expect to happen:

I expected the app would update it’s Today filter in real time and

  1. Show zero notes for today in the left sidebar at 00:01 (since I had no new notes created).
  2. Then, at 00:02, when I crated the new note, I would expect the new note to show so I could type in said new note.


I have the Today filter almost perpetually selected. When the clock strikes midnight, I know I can click onto All notes, then back to Today, and my newest created note will appear, because the date associated with today will update to actual today.

It’s a pain. And it gets me every time.


I completely understand your point, the new note behavior is very annoying and should be fixed.

We have code that updates the sidebar when the day changes, but making notes disappear from the list (and without direct input from the user) was confusing and we were asked to not do that :smiley:

I’ll add this to our list of things to discuss, maybe we can find a good solution for everyone.


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I would suggest “extending” what today means if working after midnight, i.e., keeping yesterday’s notes and adding new notes to the displayed list as if it’s the same day. Only after finishing the session or clicking out and into the Today list would yesterday’s notes disappear. I feel this would be unobtrusive and elegant.


@matteo This response was so excellent I read it aloud to my roommate and said, “This is how customer service should be done.”

The fact that you essentially said, “You’re right. How it works right now sucks,” Makes me feel validated and heard. And the latter—being heard—is all I can really expect.

Sure, I’d love for it to actually change. And I think gnome.irdan has a great idea above.

But… just wanted to say loved the response, and it’s a good lesson for me and my customers.


Smart smart smart. I think this is a great idea.

I would go one step further and let the notes disappear after a new start of bear. It is “today” for me as long as i am not in bed. :smiley: And as long as i am not in bed i am not going to close bear when or if working with it

(Edit: Oops, probably you mean a restart with "new session?)

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

How Apple Mail App implements something similar

Hi @matteo and friends,

I was just getting to inbox zero and noticed how Apple mail handles a similar issue: the Unread filter.

Here’s how you can duplicate/test:

  1. Open Apple mail on macOS
  2. Fitler mail by Unread. You’ll notice an undread indicator. My version of mail (older) is a blue circle to the left of the mail in the mail list sidebar.
  3. Read each piece of mail. Once a piece becomes Read it loses it’s blue indicator, but remains in the filtered list in the sidebar. (I like how this functions a lot!)
  4. Click to a different mailbox or otherwise different view.
  5. Go back to your filter. Now you of course will not see your unread mails.

I know this isn’t exactly related to creating a new note in bear whit the Today filter applied. But you can possibly extrapolate how to gracefully show things in the sidebar that technically shouldn’t be shown in the sidebar.

Hope this is helpful!

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