Feature Request: Date filters for notes

It would be really great to see all notes for the month of January in a particular folder, for example.


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I can see that this is your first time posting on the forum, so welcome to the community!

Regarding the above, in Bear you can access notes from a certain time period with advanced search options.

  • @lastXdays : will show the notes modified the last X days, replace X with any number.
  • @date : will show all the notes modified in a specific date, e.g. @date(2018-09-05) , @date(09-2018) , @date(2018)
  • @cdate : will show all the notes created in a specific date, e.g. @cdate(2018-09-05) , @cdate(09-2018) , @cdate(2018)

These searches will still be available when Panda is added into Bear.

For more on advanced search options, see here: Advanced search options in Bear | FAQ & Support | Bear App

Hoping this helps!