Feature request: date

I also use Bear for notes on appointments. Sometimes I create the note a few days later or I prepare the appointment a few days earlier. For this case modification date and creation date do not fit.

Currently I write the date of the appointment in the note. I can search for it, but I don’t really like it very much.

Another solution would be to use a tag, but I do not like this too.

Would it be possible that a note gets a date as a property?


Maybe you can use Calendar and the note links.

What you want is the core of other apps like Agenda and Note Plan which visualize notes in a calendar view.


Thank you for your feedback on my topic.

It was actually the other way around. :wink:
Before Bear, I used Agenda and felt too limited to projects and calendars there.

In the case of notes on appointments, I use Bear like this:
I create a new note. Then I write one line under the heading the date of the appointment in italics. At the end of my note I add several tags to find the note later in the right context.

Sometimes I want to display the notes on a topic (often a tag) in chronological order. But that chronology is related to the creation date or the modification date (see Settings: Sorting the note list).

At least in my case, the creation date is not always the appointment date (see my last post).

However, it is also just a nice-to-have.

Maybe it can be built in a way that I can just change the creation date (shown via the “i”) .

Thanks again for all the work on the great solution!

Looking forward to the beta test now. Thanks for the link to the download.