Master content tree for all the notes


Can we get a master tree for our notes having a table with

  1. First line/heading of the note
  2. Tags
  3. Date of creation/last updates

This will help us review our notes at a glance, making it easier to use notes from diverse tags for our final content. think of perplexity pages or website links summary.

Don’t know it this hits the mark, but here is an Apple shortcut you could try:

Bear Master Note – Shortcuts

In this sample shortcut, it lists only the last 90 days (search: @last90days)
This search criteria you can change as needed in a text field by editing the Shortcut.
For example: search to include only notes with specific tag(s) …

PS. to allow for sorting, I had to apply a hack using the “Filter Files” action on the list of notes retured by the Bear search action. This filter had to be applied after the repeat section worked as intended on the list of bear notes (that doesn’t have any sort function, it only returns a list sorted by modification date)


Not the OP but wow, talk about hitting the mark! Great shortcut. Thanks.

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Thanks Mate, it does the trick for me.

I do need to make some changes - bringing headlines first going forward, pushing date away, etc.

Great solution. Will share detailed notes once i have used it for some time.

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