[Resolved] [Search] Add a @pinned to only search pinned notes

I have a shortcut to create a daily note. As a part of that shortcut I pin todays note, so that it is the first thing that I see. Tomorrow, when the shortcut runs again, I want to unpin the previously pinned daily note I don’t consistently create a daily note every day so I can’t just use a search like @lastXdays without making x bigger. I want a @pinned search option so that I can easily find the last daily note and unpin it, and link to it from the new daily note as the last note.


For others benefits, here is my open daily note shortcut: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/3db310c02c0342aba308272c765abe65

I’ve added comments to it and hopefully made it easy for others to customize.

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Thanks for sharing. I see now how you use @pinned for your daily note.

I guess I’ve never had an issue getting to my daily note for the past few years using @today But, then again, I schedule the creation of my daily note every morning at 0500. So, I always have a daily note waiting for me in the morning.

Also, I add notes to my daily note using another Shortcut called “log this”. Most of my notes are field notes, so I often have to take audio notes while driving (no touching my mobile device while driving). My “log this” Shortcut via Siri simply prompts me for my log entry, then puts the text into my daily note. I never open Bear half the time to make notes (at least, in my daily note).

Guess I have a widget now too.:+1:

@Brian - makes sense. As I mentioned “I don’t consistently create a daily note every day so I can’t just use a search like [@today]” … so a scheduled created note just ends up being empty some days which is not what I want. Are you pinning/unpinning these scheduled created notes in your shortcut?

Perhaps you can share your shortcuts/workflows, they sound neat!

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Here you go:

Daily Note in Bear
Log this in Bear

I’ll post them over on Reddit with some more detail.