Feature Request: Unpin notes via x-callback-url

The x-callback-url scheme is very helpful, but I would like the ability to modify the pinned state of existing notes.

My use case. Each morning I would like to be able to create a note for my journal for that day. Let’s call the note 2021-01-02. I would like to automatically pin this note and unpin yesterdays note, 2021-01-01.

Currently you can pin a note at creation-time but cannot subsequently change this state post note creation (programmatically, that is.)

P.S. This is a minor feature request. Can we please not delay the release of Bear 2.0 to accommodate for this small difference! :joy:

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a suggestion.

This is a very niche request at the moment. But, I’ve double checked with the team and it is something they’ll consider moving forward.

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