[Resolved] [Shortcuts] Set pin to false, pinning notes instead

Testing version: 10670

What were you doing:
I have a “daily note” shortcut that creates a note for today. I want to pin this daily note so that its is a the top of my list. However before I pin it, I want to unpin yesterdays note.

To do that, I have something like this:

What feature did you use: Apple Shortcut to set pin state of a note to false.

What happened: Instead of unpinning notes, all notes seem to have been pinned!

What did you expect to happen: No notes should have been pinned.

As an aside, I would really like a way to search for pinned notes… @pinned maybe? This way I don’t have rely on some @lastXdays approximation. ( can file another feature request for this if you would like.)

Devs are aware of this issue…

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Heads up that this is fixed and somehow all the logic persists from Bear 1 Shortcuts. This means I didn’t need to modify my daily note Shortcut other than updating the beta to version 10688 :sunglasses:

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Thanks! I must have missed it unpin vs un-pin maybe? not sure why my search didn’t find this.

Glad to know this is fixed in 10688 (I checked and I’m still on 10670 locally)

Nope you didn’t miss anything. Before 10688 it just said “pin”. In this new update (only dropped like an hour ago or so) it looks like you would expect: