Apple Watch new note is automatically pinned

Testing version:
New Bear 2 beta

What were you doing:
Making a new note with the new Bear Apple Watch app

What happened:
Every new note goes in as a pinned note.

What did you expect to happen:
I would expect a new note to go in as Untagged and Non-Pinned :slight_smile:

since its release the Apple Watch app has behaved like that. The idea behind this is not loosing dictated notes on and having them on the top of the app carousel.

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I guess this can be an option on the watch app only? The default might be to have it pinned, but users choose to not do so.

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Okay, thank you for explaining! I agree the option would be better, because for me anything Untagged is for me to β€˜sort’ by tagging, and having to Unpin is just one extra step, plus shoves it in my face until I do sort it.

Anything Untagged will prevent me losing things.