Request: Pin Notes Within A Tag

Hi everyone. First off, I love Bear! But one thing that bothers me:

Pinning a note brings it to the top of the list of notes in all tags, including just the master notes list. I’d love to be able to pin a particular note to the top but only when I’m viewing the tag that that note is part of it. I frequently don’t need to see certain important notes except when I’m working inside the context of a particular work project that has its own tag.

Curious if anyone else has this issue? I posted about this first on Reddit and got more upvotes than I was expecting.


It was requested several times. One request was from me as i highly desire pinning on a per tag basis. Currently a note is pinned for each tag which it contains. As far as i remember the devs didn’t give any comments. @trix180 any short comment on this? :wink:

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Hello! Currently we have no plans to change how pinning works.


Pinning seems like a very half-baked feature that could be 100x more powerful and useful if it were more fully formed. In particular:

  • pinning a nested tag using the nested tag’s name
  • pinning a note within its tag

These do not seem like enormously complex additions to pinning, for a significant upside.

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