Request: Pin Notes Within A Tag

Hi everyone. First off, I love Bear! But one thing that bothers me:

Pinning a note brings it to the top of the list of notes in all tags, including just the master notes list. I’d love to be able to pin a particular note to the top but only when I’m viewing the tag that that note is part of it. I frequently don’t need to see certain important notes except when I’m working inside the context of a particular work project that has its own tag.

Curious if anyone else has this issue? I posted about this first on Reddit and got more upvotes than I was expecting.


It was requested several times. One request was from me as i highly desire pinning on a per tag basis. Currently a note is pinned for each tag which it contains. As far as i remember the devs didn’t give any comments. @trix180 any short comment on this? :wink:


Hello! Currently we have no plans to change how pinning works.


Pinning seems like a very half-baked feature that could be 100x more powerful and useful if it were more fully formed. In particular:

  • pinning a nested tag using the nested tag’s name
  • pinning a note within its tag

These do not seem like enormously complex additions to pinning, for a significant upside.


For how I use Bear this feature is just so obvious, a natural handle you expect to be there. Why would I want important notes from work, or a specific side project, or poems, receipts, whatever, showing up in the main note list? Do other people live like this?

Disappointed this thread hasn’t got more response - was convinced this would be a most-requested features. There’s a reddit thread requesting this that got more traction.

It seems like such a (relatively) easy thing to implement. Pretty pretty please you beloved Bear developers. Remove this small stone from my shoe. :pray:t2:


This might actually have made me cry to read. But 2024 is a new year! Filled with bright hope, filled with possibility!

I hope there would be some improvement in this area at some point. It would make it easier to leverage the pinned notes functionality.

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Adding another vote for this. In particular it would be helpful to have pinned notes on sub-tags not showing up under the main tag.

I really like how pinning works today. It’s simple and intuitive.

One of the best parts about Bear is that it limits options which prevent needless tinkering and tuning. That’s the trap too much software falls into and it ends up being harder to use.

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Actually, I wasn’t asking for an option at all, but to replace the old functionality with a new one where pinning is no longer global. It is unfair to imply useless tinkering without taking note of why local pinning is being asked for in the first place. In principle, I agree with you about your argument, but I miss the proof of what you paint as a trap on the wall. Bear’s claim to minimalism is often cited, sometimes justifiably, but often enough to brush aside the generally justified wishes of users without having understood what the reason is. I will therefore try to briefly list what I consider to be good arguments in favor of local pinning:

Local pinning takes into account the context in which a pinned note is located. This prevents a note from being pinned in other contexts in which it does not have this important meaning. There are countless examples, but I’ll give you one that comes to mind: I pin some of my favorite Italian recipes; I can of course do the same for recipes from other countries, but why should the recipes appear pinned in a different context (for example, if I tag the recipes with the ingredients)?

But it’s not just that I can place notes with multiple tags in several contexts, there are also the sections (all notes, untagged, to do,…), each of which contains its own list of notes. Again, a legitimate question: If I pin a note under To-Do because it currently contains my most important to-o list, why should this note also appear pinned under “all notes” and under every tag that it also happens to contain?

I hope it has become clear that this is not about needless gimmicks

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