Request: Hide Pinned Notes in Master Note List

It would be great if pinned tabs were only shown inside of tags and not in the main notes list.


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I would phrase your request differently: while they should be shown in list for all notes or in all other tags they contain, they should be shown pinned only locally for the tag from where they was pinned. That would be a huge improvement in my eyes


Following up on this, is this possible?

I am also eager to hear something upon this. The global pinning of notes results that a pinned note is shown everywhere as pinned what can be annoying.

Just an example: i have pinned some notes functioning as templates under notes->untagged; from there i duplicate them, add a tag to the duplicated so that is shown under this added tag and removed from “untagged”; i don’t need these template notes also to be shown under “notes”-node because there i want to pin other notes for other reasons without being bloated with all other pinned notes; last but not least i have to remove the pinned status from the note which i have created as duplicate from the pinned template note.

Another example: Generally i have notes with multiple tags, means the same note is interesting in several regards. When i pin it under one tag it means to me that it is just interesting in regard to this tag but not to the other tags it may contain. The global pinning of notes can lead to a huge list of pinned notes whereas a local pinning would leads to shorter lists and to a more logical organization.

I absolutely have no clue now what i meant with that sentence :crazy_face:

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