Shortcut action to un-pin missing

Beta is great. Only thing I’ve run into so far is that the action for removing a pin from a note appears to be missing. I had been using it as part of an automation in the previous version.

Looks like it’t one common action, and can be set to true or false:

Hmm, I don’t see that action. This is the only one I have on iOS or Mac. Previously there were two separate actions, I believe


That’s odd. In iOS there’s only a “Pin note” action, which doesn’t have an option to set true/false state.

Your screenshot looks like macOS, so I’ll take a look there later today, but as of version 2.0 on iOS, there’s no way to remove pinning, just set it.

Not on iOS. I tried adding a fresh action too. You’ve only got the option to specify the note.

Speaking of which, I generally use variables for this stuff, but when I added the “fresh” action I noticed that it’s supposed to offer a list of Bear notes to choose from, but that list is empty. So the iOS action might also be slightly broken.

Sorry, you are right. On iPad it’s different.

I used it on Mac and when it synced to iPad the true/false option is missing. @trix180

Yes, I can confirm the iOS and macOS scheme were different and we’ll ship a fix with the next update

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