Bear Shortcuts action "Get note" is broken

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10641)

What were you doing: Running one of my most used Bear 1 Shortcuts

What feature did you use: Shortcuts integration

What happened:

ALL instances of the official Bear action Get note are made empty after installing the new betas (meaning whatever variable or whatever was being used to get the target note is removed and only the empty Get note action remains). Luckily I Set variable for most stuff so it’s obvious what needs to be done, but this is obviously a hassle since most Bear Shortcuts require Get note to do anything… and I’ve got A LOT of Shortcuts.

This issue is in both iOS and macOS Shortcuts… it seems that the other Bear actions are working fine, but I’ve only had a moment to poke around. Honestly, I only noticed this because one of my most used Bear Shortcuts returned an error after switching to the 2.0 beta.

What did you expect to happen:

That all my previous Shortcuts that worked fine in Bear 1 would also work fine in Bear 2

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Having the same issue


this is indeed unexpected considering the get note has not changed in Bear’s intent file. I’ll investigate this issue asap.


I am also having issues with the official Get note action.

In my case, the parameter isn’t being removed and everything looks as expected in the shortcuts editor.

However the shortcut returns an error “Could Not Run Get note: Note not found” on execution.

I created a simple test shortcut and I can open the note but I can’t get the note with the official Bear actions using the same title in both actions.

I discovered this trying to run my daily shortcut after installing the beta software yesterday - I haven’t had time to fully test my other shortcuts that use Bear actions.

Can you tell me more about how you are using the action? I can’t simulate the issue but maybe has something to do with the title encoding.

I assume you’re asking @pfarrelle about this, but just in case you’re asking me, the Get note action works fine, my only issue is it was stripped to its default state in every Shortcut. So far I’ve fixed it in maybe 7 Shortcuts and it was in the same default state for each of them, even when there were multiple instances of it in a single Shortcut (like when using an If or whatever).

The only Bear action I’ve come across that’s actually broken is Pin note where there’s no longer a way to unpin a note.


I was moving too quickly after my daily shortcut failed and then made an unrelated error (using a date instead of text for a title) on my test shortcut that produced the same “note not found” message. I then jumped to the wrong conclusion.

After looking more carefully, I now see the same behavior as OP and, after reinserting the parameter that had “vanished” all is well.

So, to recap, I have the same problem as OP but can recover by editing the shortcut by entering the parameter that disappeared after updating to Bear 2.0 beta.

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