Bear Open Note Shortcut not working

If I want to open a bear 2 note via a shortcut I always get the message this app is not installed:
Bildschirm­foto 2022-11-24 um 01.05.48

Other Bear 2 automations like create a note are working fine.

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this might be an erroneous state of the Shortcuts app, have you tried to reboot?

Yes i did try that. Has been that way for me since the first bear 2 beta.

Any chance you have some old B2 build somewhere in your disc? This can be also caused by Shortcuts not being able to choose between B1 and B2 actions if you have both installed.

Old B2 build → no. B1 and B2 both installed → yes. In Shortcuts, I only see Bear 2, not Bear 1. Are maybe some of the actions trying to go to B1, while some are going to B2? For example there is one Open Bear-Note action and one Open Note action.

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This one is not provided by us but by the Shortcuts team. If you are using this action try to switch to Open Note.

What input is expected for this action? ID? Header?

A note object returned by the get note action

Ah, got it! Thx, now it’s working! :slight_smile:

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Has Shiny Frog requested the removal of those particular Shortcuts actions? Having them listed in the Shortcuts app makes it more challenging to build shortcuts for Bear and advise others.

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We have not because a lot of people are using them and having them deleted will broke a lot of Shortcuts.

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I wonder if you can put a note in the description of the action so people can make the distinction better - something like “deprecated” or “legacy”.

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We can’t but we can ask Apple.


Also, if you’re going to request Apple mark their shortcuts with “legacy”, I’d suggest also adding a note indicating which Bear shortcuts supersede it. This way, Bear users who should replace legacy actions know which actions to use in place of the legacy versions.

You could’ve also put all of this in your shortcut actions. “Add Text to a Note: this shortcut supersedes Add to Bear Note”. Not only does the notice on the website not indicate which action to use (just a list of legacy actions) but it’s also easily missed since there’s no connection to the Apple Shortcuts app where users actually build shortcuts.

I probably wouldn’t have cared about this a few years ago, but Apple has been putting significant effort into expanding Shortcuts. I think Bear could benefit by improving its Shortcuts actions.


Sorry to resurrect an old(er) topic, but I just came across this as well, and it took some guesswork to know if I should use “Create note” or “Create Bear Note” in my Shortcut (it’s the former).

Interestingly, both seem to work on iOS, it’s just a problem on the Mac side. I wonder if application grouping can help federate some of these?



If you mean the app grouping in the Shortcuts app, no we don’t have control over that.

I meant it more in the vein of app bundle groups (I had been shown this article previously, but I am not a developer, so I don’t know if that would create a way to supersede the current Shortcuts team-provided actions. It is a bit confusing, though.

Thanks for getting back to me!

Yes, we already use the app group for other app functionalities such as Handoff but unfortunately don’t have any effect on Shortcuts.