Bear Search Shortcut on iOS

I don’t know if this is new behavior, or if it was the same with Bear 1.

I have a shortcut that allows me to quickly access Bear from outside the app on iOS.

This includes special searches as well as searches for individual notes based on title or note id.

I am now using only native bear shortcut actions Search notes and Open note. The Search notes has the Open in Bear option selected.

If I use that shortcut to make a search for “@yesterday”, Bear opens and I see the list of notes that I would expect. If I then make another search via the shortcut, but for a specific note this time, then I see the same screen in Bear showing the results for the “@yesterday” search instead of the requested note.

If I then go to Bear, I can’t get out of that screen unless I first select one of the notes in the list, or hit Cancel. Then I can navigate as usual, and the second search to open a specific note via the shortcut will work.

I would prefer if the second search would automatically cancel the previous search.

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I’m afraid this is a bug. We are investigating the issue.

This is now fixed in 2.0 build 10784 - thanks!

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