Bear Shortcut "Search" Actions

I have been using the Apple action Search in Bear which opens Bear with the parameter from shortcuts copied into the search box. All the matched notes are then shown in a list below the search box.

The Bear version, Search notes behaves differently. It doesn’t open the Bear app, instead it returns the notes that match the criteria to the next shortcuts action. You can then open any of those notes, but I don’t see a way to open Bear with only the matched notes shown in a list.

Is it the devs’ intent that we use the Apple action in this case, or, can I accomplish this (apple action behavior) using only native Bear shortcut actions?

BTW I like the native Bear shortcut functionality and can see good uses for that, but the question remains …

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If you open the search notes action options you can find a Open in Bear check box that makes the action behave as search in bear.

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